I forgot that pizza existed, and then I remembered, and I was like “whoa.”

Georgie Flynn

I love friends. And chocolate milk. And the idea that I could go to grad school and get a doctorate and actually make a difference in someone’s life. But mostly friends (because I hope that appeals of sentimentality will encourage them to follow me to grad school [I’m talking to you, Georgie and Aaron]). New friends are the best too (talking to you, Fred!!). Mostly what I mean is this: hi guys. goodnight.

amy macdonald - footballers wife


Amy Macdonald | Footballer’s Wife

Oh Mr James Dean
He don’t belong to anything
Oh he left before they could get him
With their ways, their wicked ways

And I’m gone with the wind like they were before
But I believe in myself I think there’s something more
There must be something more

Georgie Flynn…

Wishes I had a penis and was gay. Because to be perfectly honest, we are soulmates. I am the most myself around him, and no one makes me feel happier, more full, or more full of potential.

Georgie Motherfucking Flynn, I love.